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Merchant Cash Advance

A Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) offers unsecured funding to small business proprietors based on projected credit card sales, offering them a non-traditional financing option compared to conventional bank loans, providing swift access to cash by leveraging anticipated future earnings.

Mortgage Financing

Utilizing mortgage financing can support the expansion of your business into new or additional real estate, facilitate capital improvements, or enable the pursuit of fresh business ventures and growth opportunities by leveraging the equity in your property.

P.o. Financing

We offer operational business capital based on your business's anticipated future sales, allowing approval for businesses in high-risk industries or facing financial difficulties, even with poor credit, and without the need for collateral.

Line Of Credit

A credit line enables you to access funds for both anticipated and unforeseen costs at a favorable interest rate, featuring a swift approval process with minimal documentation needed.

Term Loan

A term loan provides the funds needed to expand your business, whether it's for office space renovation or purchasing inventory, allowing you to borrow a lump sum for a defined purpose and repay it over a predetermined period with consistent, fixed payments.

Sba Loan

The main initiative of the SBA to offer financial aid to small businesses. The specifics of terms and conditions may differ depending on the type of loan.

Equipment Financing

Equipment financing offers a prompt and cost-effective way for your business to acquire, upgrade, or replace essential equipment crucial for seamless operations, and it can also function as an asset-backed financing method, using the equipment itself as collateral for the loan.


Invoice factoring offers small businesses a method to secure a loan using outstanding customer invoices, swiftly accessing funds tied up in unpaid invoices for operational costs and potential growth endeavors.

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